Digital Marketing Expert Declares Online Business Presence a Must

Digital Marketing Expert Declares Online Business Presence a Must

Ahmed M Hassan, New Waves Qatar Founder and CEO, said that digital marketing investment is a crucial strategy for success for every company. A strong online presence steers business away from significant losses in the industry’s burgeoning opportunities, and must be embedded in corporate plans and operations.

In between a session organised by the Digital Transformation of Small & Medium Business Enterprises (DTSME) where Hassan spoke, he also added, “We need to develop the awareness among entrepreneurs here that it is a must to have a strong web presence, and it’s not a choice. If they do it late, they may have to spend more on traditional marketing, lag behind competitors and suffer from losing their market share. The smart way to use digital marketing is to use the platform to reach the right customers with the right message”.

In line with this, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has launched the DTSME in the previous year. This highly beneficial programme aims to assist more than 5,000 SMEs in establishing digital developments, as well as enhancing their online presence and technological prowess.

As the revolutionary founder of a web design and digital marketing agency that began in Doha in 2016, Hassan takes pride in his company’s strong online presence. This digital strategy has skyrocketed his company to success, as New Waves has over 170 clients and growing.

“Right now, we’re also getting international queries from the US, Switzerland, and other Arab countries as well just because of our strong online presence. Previously, we also did a digital marketing campaign for a Qatari company which manufactures medical devices for diabetic patients. Today, the company has developed many business connections, not only in Qatar, but from other countries as well, such as Korea,” he explained. “What if they didn’t have a web presence? They might have lost a lot of opportunities”.

Furthermore, Hassan says that digitalising SMEs will boost Qatar’s digital economy significantly. “Once they go online, businesses will have more market share. All of us use technology daily in different ways. And it’s now easier for every business to reach their target customers through Google and other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube among others,” said Hassan. “Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is cost-effective.”

This, of course, refers to the digital revolution of both the food industry and the medical industry. With the rise of well-known online brands like Talabat, businesses have begun to reach more customers via their steady online presence. With food businesses’ online growth comes a growth in customer base as well. Even accessories and apparel are being sold online and engaging in a healthy online competition in order to be more globally competitive.

On the flip side, construction and real estate businesses are lagging behind when it comes to web presence. These industries need to invest in more digital marketing strategies rather than on traditional advertisements that are more expensive and less efficient.

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