Advancing Your Career with Attestation of Educational Certificate

Advancing Your Career with Attestation of Educational Certificate

With its blossoming technological expansion and rising economic growth, Qatar has one of the most lucrative business climates in the world. Due to the fast-paced mobility of globalization, both investors and the workforce alike have eyed the region as an opportune target for career growth and business success.

Aside from the necessary visas, labor cards, medical documents, police clearances, and changes in sponsorships or professions, there are strict requirements imposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Qatar in order to ensure that locals and foreigners abide by proper documentation laws. Attestation or the need for verified legal documents  is required not only for business ventures but also for educational documents for anyone looking to advance his or her career in Qatar.

What are the requirements for attestation of educational certificates?

Much like visa requirements in Qatar, there are plenty of compulsory documents for attestation in order to prove that your academic records and degree certificates are genuine. Due to recent mandates from the local government, you must possess a bona fide letter from your institute that indicates your degree, your course, the study system of the university, certificate authority, and the like. The necessary requirements for attestation are as follows:

  • Your original educational certificate as issued by your home country
  • A genuine letter issued by your educational institute (bona fide letter)
  • Your final mark sheets
  • A copy of your passport

What is a bona fide letter?

A bona fide letter is issued by your university or educational institute, usually beginning with a statement that certifies that the candidate is a bona fide student of said institute. It indicates the duration of the full-time course (e.g. one regular year), the Bachelor’s programme or equivalent, the year started and the year ended, as well as the final grade. It can specify the venue and the medium of instruction, as well as the fact that the letter was issued upon the candidate’s request for attestation. It is lastly signed by the principal or the college board with the official seal.

What is the attestation process for an educational certificate in Qatar?

Whether you’re looking to venture into a business establishment in the future or simply want to ensure a promising career ahead, attestation provides you with a secure and hassle-free endeavor into the country. Various consultation services can offer high quality, professional, and cost-effective assistance in handling these legal affairs for your own peace of mind. It’s often an overwhelming experience to have legal documents processed by the local government, and to keep yourself from being too stressed out or too intimidated by the due process, you can contact an industry expert to guide you along the intricacies of the law.

Take note of the attestation process in the following authorized bodies regarding your documents:

  • The MOFA in Qatar
  • Foreign Affairs Attestation from your home country
  • Embassy Attestation
  • Notary Attestation from your Home Country

Remember: it is vital to shield yourself from fraudulent documents and unnecessary court proceedings in order to land your dream job in Qatar without a hitch.

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