5 Tips When Hiring Workers Abroad

5 Tips When Hiring Workers Abroad

Building a company is like building an empire complete with guards and warriors. As the boss, you are the king and your employees act as warriors to protect and serve your kingdom. Without trained and well equipped guards, your empire will lose power and be vulnerable to defeat.

The same thing goes when looking for employees to work for your company. There are standards, requirements, and qualifications that needs to be followed. You only want the best for your business and if need be, you can hire workers abroad to acquire top talents.
However, recruiting the finest employees from all around the globe is not easy. Challenges and problems will definitely come along the way so check out these tips when hiring workers overseas.

Assess Country Specific Labor Laws
Keep in mind that although you are planning to hire an employee offshore, local labor laws still matter. Every country has their own set of rules that needs to be followed – strictly. Regulations differ depending on country, city, or even locality. Check guidelines regarding overseas employment, hiring obligations, contracts, termination process, international deployment process, permits, and company requirements.

Utilize Local Contacts and Social Networks
There are tons of job seekers all over the world. One job opening could mean hundreds of applicants and finding the best talent that will fit your requirements is without a doubt exhausting. To shorten the recruitment process, utilize your local contacts to refer possible hirees. You could ask your suppliers, distributors, friends, or business partners within the location. Likewise, use your social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to find the right candidates.

Learn The Basics of Local Culture
According to Geert Hofstede, a renowned social psychologist, the culture of a person affects how he or she interacts in the workplace. Depending on background, cultural elements varies from gender to orientation and comfortability with others. Try to research as much data and information regarding the local background of your workers. The norms in their country, tradition, popular holidays, feast, celebrations, etc.

Develop an Adjustment Plan for Employees
In order to make the employment process easy and convenient, make sure to develop an adjustment plan for overseas workers right after deployment. To help establish rapport and remove barriers, try to form a good working relationship with your employees even before the contract starts. Help bridge the gap between old workers and new hires by focusing on communication as well as openness.

Recruit Smarter Not Harder
For general job openings, it is common to receive hundreds of applications. But for skilled and highly technical vacancies, it’s hard to recruit and appoint people. Since hiring workers abroad is costlier and more complicated, make sure to recruit smarter not harder. Prioritize applicants from established countries, check qualifications and experience, follow timetable, and use technology to simplify the process.

Hiring workers abroad can be a tough and demanding mission. For visa application, immigration assistance, and all other overseas employment concerns specially in Qatar, there are local HR & Immigration companies out there willing to help you out.

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