About Us

Afreno is a Business Consultancy that draws on its long presence, over 15 years in fact, in the field of forming companies, while capitalizing on its impressive know-how at both local and international levels. This endeavor also extends to developing local partnerships and offering excellent opportunities in real estate.Unlike any other Business Consultancy company in the State of Qatar, Afreno includes under its umbrella three closely-linked comprehensive services: business advice, legal negotiation and real estate possibilities. This means that any project, however complex, can be dealt with in all its aspects. Added to this is our wide range of reliable clients and trusted business contacts, plus our up to the minute awareness of what is going on in the markets, whether GCC or local. Your business venture will be backed by our in-depth knowledge, the valuable connections we have built over time, and our solid reputation, ensuring that you succeed quickly, whatever enterprise you are involved in. All this will be achieved with the minimum of stress; unsurprisingly Afreno has become the point of reference for anyone wishing to incorporate or grow their business in the local market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Afreno been in business?

Our Firm has been operating for over 15 years.

Do you take enquiries from outside the country about opening a business in Qatar?

Yes, we operate on an international basis and have a strong online presence, so we can respond to your questions by email or a phone conversation.

Can you offer help in finding business premises?

Yes, we are offering registered offices among many alternative solutions.

Which government agencies do you confer with the most?

We are licensed with both MEC (Ministry of Economy and Commerce) and the QFC (Qatar Finance Centre) but we liaise with all government departments on a regular basis.

What is the primary role of MEC?

This entity is responsible for trade and business in both the public and private sectors with a remit to encourage trade, and issue trade licenses.

What is the primary role of QFC?

This financial and business centre was set up in 2005 to attract international financial services to Qatar. It has its own Regulatory Authority.

What is the main advantage Afreno offers over its competitors?

Our greatest strength is being able to offer support to businesses, along with legal advice and partnership opportunities, that includes all the underpinning services.

Are you providing back-up services to a newly established and operating Company?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive service including HR and payroll, tax filing, record-keeping and reporting, license renewals, and many other solutions.

What role does research play in your company in giving advice to businesses?

We can conduct extensive local market research to inform your decision to expand and explore a business in Qatar.

How does Afreno keep up with the new laws and regulations concerning business?

Our team accepts as part of its responsibility the need to adopt new technological strategies and continually research local practices in order to offer the most recent and relevant information to our clients.

Over the years Afreno has built up an impressive international presence, making the most of our numerous reliable local contacts and up-to-date knowledge of local markets to offer sound business advice to clients who come from around the world. Over the years Afreno has built up an impressive international presence, making the most of our numerous reliable local contacts and up-to-date knowledge of local markets to offer sound business advice to clients who come from around the world. We have long-term experience, over 15 years, in all aspects of setting up a new business, or expanding an existing one, whether it’s a matter of suggesting investment opportunities, finding suitable premises, or dealing with all the necessary legal or government requirements. With the advantage of being familiar with local business practices, and licensed by many of the major state entities, we have been able to coordinate and streamline all our services, developing our expertise and versatility, and thus giving us a competitive advantage. Apart from being able to help with advantageous deals, we can also provide a comprehensive package of supporting services in the areas of translation and authentication of documents, and obtaining certificates on both an individual and corporate basis.

  • International Presence
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Long-term Experience
  • Local Connections
  • Effective Solutions
  • Research & Analysis

Afreno has all the resources to become the ideal Key Partner for any new or existing business in Qatar, offering all the support necessary to establish the business as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can perform a variety of functions, for example as administrative partner or principal representative. The fact that it is licensed with the major government ministries, such as the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the State of Qatar and the Qatar Finance Centre, makes Afreno ideally placed to take care of compliance with local regulations. We are convinced that the best way to maintain our competitive advantage is to steadily develop our technological foundation, incorporating innovations that will help us continually improve services to clients at every stage of a project. The Shared Dream concept becomes a reality when Afreno dedicates its efforts to taking care of all the details: legal requirements, documentation, translations, certifications, HR, and more.

  • Key Partner
  • Shared Dream
  • Technological Innovation
  • Continuing Development

Led by our CEO and Founder, who has overall responsibility for company operations, finance and development, our dynamic team of qualified professionals work together to make Afreno ever more efficient, and ever more successful. The team is capable of carrying out all the designated tasks necessary to keep operations running smoothly, including everything from welcoming new business initiatives and the meetings that bring proposals to fruition, to taking care of all the details to convert the ideas into reality. This involves work both within the office, taking care of documentation, as well as venturing out of the office to liaise with various government offices and legal entities. Research into providing all the necessary background information for establishing a business is conducted to give clients all the most relevant and up to date advice, and the formalities needed to register a company are arranged seamlessly. Ongoing research, planning and development keep Afreno ahead of the game in terms of technological advances. In this way every aspect of starting a business in Qatar is fully covered by a team that between them have many years of experience in the sector.

  • Legal Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Organised Management
  • Leading Superiority